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List of All Smells and Causes
NamePageRelationshipBase NameChapter
Assertion RouletteXXXAssertion RouletteBehavior Smells
Asynchronous CodeXXXCause ofHard-to-Test CodeCode Smells
Asynchronous TestXXXCause ofSlow TestsBehavior Smells
Behavior SensitivityXXXCause ofFragile TestBehavior Smells
Behavior SmellsXXXBehavior SmellsTypes of Smells
Buggy TestsXXXBuggy TestsProject Smells
Code SmellsXXXCode SmellsTypes of Smells
Complex TeardownXXXCause ofConditional Test LogicCode Smells
Complex TestXXXAliasObscure TestCode Smells
Conditional Test LogicXXXConditional Test LogicCode Smells
Conditional Verification LogicXXXCause ofConditional Test LogicCode Smells
Context SensitivityXXXCause ofFragile TestBehavior Smells
Cut-and-Paste Code ReuseXXXCause ofTest Code DuplicationCode Smells
Data SensitivityXXXCause ofFragile TestBehavior Smells
Developers Not Writing TestsXXXDevelopers Not Writing TestsProject Smells
Eager TestXXXCause ofAssertion RouletteBehavior Smells
Equality PollutionXXXCause ofTest Logic in ProductionCode Smells
Erratic TestXXXErratic TestBehavior Smells
Flexible TestXXXCause ofConditional Test LogicCode Smells
For Tests OnlyXXXCause ofTest Logic in ProductionCode Smells
Fragile FixtureXXXCause ofFragile TestBehavior Smells
Fragile TestXXXFragile TestBehavior Smells
Frequent DebuggingXXXFrequent DebuggingBehavior Smells
General FixtureXXXCause ofObscure TestCode Smells
Hard-Coded DependencyXXXAliasHard-to-Test CodeCode Smells
Hard-Coded Test DataXXXCause ofObscure TestCode Smells
Hard-to-Test CodeXXXHard-to-Test CodeCode Smells
High Test Maintenance CostXXXHigh Test Maintenance CostProject Smells
Highly Coupled CodeXXXCause ofHard-to-Test CodeCode Smells
Indented Test CodeXXXAliasConditional Test LogicCode Smells
Indirect TestingXXXCause ofObscure TestCode Smells
Infrequently Run TestsXXXCause ofProduction BugsProject Smells
Interacting Test SuitesXXXCause ofErratic TestBehavior Smells
Interacting TestsXXXCause ofErratic TestBehavior Smells
Interface SensitivityXXXCause ofFragile TestBehavior Smells
Irrelevant InformationXXXCause ofObscure TestCode Smells
Lonely TestXXXCause ofErratic TestBehavior Smells
Long TestXXXAliasObscure TestCode Smells
Lost TestXXXCause ofProduction BugsProject Smells
Manual DebuggingXXXAliasFrequent DebuggingBehavior Smells
Manual Event InjectionXXXCause ofManual InterventionBehavior Smells
Manual Fixture SetupXXXCause ofManual InterventionBehavior Smells
Manual InterventionXXXManual InterventionBehavior Smells
Manual Result VerificationXXXCause ofManual InterventionBehavior Smells
Missing Assertion MessageXXXCause ofAssertion RouletteBehavior Smells
Missing Unit TestXXXCause ofProduction BugsProject Smells
Multiple Test ConditionsXXXCause ofConditional Test LogicCode Smells
Mystery GuestXXXCause ofObscure TestCode Smells
Neverfail TestXXXCause ofProduction BugsProject Smells
Nondeterministic TestXXXCause ofErratic TestBehavior Smells
Not Enough TimeXXXCause ofDevelopers Not Writing TestsProject Smells
Obscure TestXXXObscure TestCode Smells
Overcoupled TestXXXAliasFragile TestBehavior Smells
Overspecified SoftwareXXXCause ofFragile TestBehavior Smells
Production BugsXXXProduction BugsProject Smells
Production Logic in TestXXXCause ofConditional Test LogicCode Smells
Project SmellsXXXProject SmellsTypes of Smells
Reinventing the WheelXXXCause ofTest Code DuplicationCode Smells
Resource LeakageXXXCause ofErratic TestBehavior Smells
Resource OptimismXXXCause ofErratic TestBehavior Smells
Sensitive EqualityXXXCause ofFragile TestBehavior Smells
Slow Component UsageXXXCause ofSlow TestsBehavior Smells
Slow TestsXXXSlow TestsBehavior Smells
Test Code DuplicationXXXTest Code DuplicationCode Smells
Test Dependency in ProductionXXXCause ofTest Logic in ProductionCode Smells
Test Logic in ProductionXXXTest Logic in ProductionCode Smells
Test Run WarXXXCause ofErratic TestBehavior Smells
Too Many TestsXXXCause ofSlow TestsBehavior Smells
Unrepeatable TestXXXCause ofErratic TestBehavior Smells
Untestable Test CodeXXXCause ofHard-to-Test CodeCode Smells
Untested CodeXXXCause ofProduction BugsProject Smells
Untested RequirementXXXCause ofProduction BugsProject Smells
Verbose TestXXXAliasObscure TestCode Smells
Wrong Test Automation StrategyXXXCause ofDevelopers Not Writing TestsProject Smells


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